Eleven Things You Didn't Know About Orange Frazer

What don't you know about Orange Frazer? Well, let us give you the inside scoop. Here's to the quirks, the memories, and the people that make it all happen. Happy Monday, all.

11. Our office manager, Janice, was in a fantasy football league with all guys…and she won.

10. Oscar Robertson signed copies of Sports Matters of Fact for us. Our order entry gal at the time accidentally sold them to a bookstore. We never got them back, even though we asked nicely for their return.

9. Our designer, Brittany, played basketball for an all-star team in Europe.

8. Marcy’s son-in-law Jason Morgan painted the mural on the back of the building. He is a self-taught artist. He is also afraid of heights.

7. Our production manager, Sarah, has proofread ten sports books. Go ahead, ask her anything about the Bengals, The Buckeyes, or Johnny Bench.

6. Our marketing manager, Kelsey, studied in Germany, and once accidentally asked a bakery owner if her danishes had prostitutes in them…when she meant to ask if they had nuts. German language fact: Nüsse=nuts, Nutte=prostitute.

5. We had a very large dragon sitting in a bathtub in the office for over ten years. He painted with watercolors.

4. We published a book for the daughter of Adolf Hitler’s minister of health. Her name: Irmgard Powell. Her book: Don’t Let Them See You Cry: Overcoming a Nazi Childhood.

3. Our office used to be a place where men held illegal card games in the 1940s.

2. Chad Johnson, aka OchoCinco, calls our publisher Marcy “mom.” It was confusing for a little while.

1. Never Not A Lovely Moon author, Caroline McHugh, exited Ohio and her visit to Orange Frazer by commandeering a Boeing 747 when told that "all flights to NYC are cancelled." The only way to fly...