Praise for Orange Frazer Press

“For several months, I have been deeply involved with Orange Frazer Press in producing the 100th anniversary book for GE Aviation. It was a wonderful experience working with a wildly enthusiastic group of young talent all committed to making the book memorable. During the process, the staff enthusiasm was terrific. Every little annoying request that GE presented was handled very quickly. Orange Frazer Press is wildly responsive. And the end result? Holy Moly—I am being bombarded with notes from GE executives and employees, and retirees taken by the sheer beauty of the book. GE was very good about allowing me to decide on a publisher, and I knew exactly where to go. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm feeling pretty darn smart right now. The team at Orange Frazer truly loves books. There is an aesthetic you feel the moment you enter the building in tiny Wilmington, Ohio. It has been a wonderful experience.”
—Rick Kennedy, 100 Years of Reimagining Flight: GE Aviation (July 2019)


Orange Frazer provides the sort of dedication and professionalism you expect from centennial old publishing houses situated in big cities like New York or Boston. This is a small publisher that still works from the philosophy that close and friendly contact with the author is for the best for all parties. Margaret and Sarah are the dynamic duo when it comes to making the author feel taken care of, and they are willing to go out of their way to answer and help with any subject a struggling (and inexperienced) author might have.
They simply don't make 'em like this anymore. Orange Frazer Press, the friendliest publisher in the world right now? You bet! Love you, girls!”
—Frode Singsaas, A Roaring Silence (June 2019)


“I choose Orange Frazer Press because before I can promise a reader that River Queens is the best book I can produce, it has to be the best book I can produce.”
—Alexander Watson, River Queens (January 2019)


Orange Frazer made the process of putting together our anniversary book seamless. Any last minute changes were accommodated and any questions we had were answered promptly. Professional and patient!!”
—Betsy Ross, Flying Pig Marathon: Twenty Years Running (December 2018)

I have spent the morning looking at the book over and over. I cannot get any work done, so I hold you responsible for that. I really am thrilled with it and hope you are as pleased as well. I appreciate so much all the time and efforts you all put into making this a reality. I know this is your job, but it requires true creativity and artistry. I just cannot wait for them to delivered and available to fans of the Murphy. This community is so fortunate to have a publishing company such as yours in its midst. You took my research and turned it into an art book. You are amazing. Much appreciation! 
—Note from author Jennifer Hollon, The Historic Murphy Theatre (September 2017)

“Orange Frazer came highly recommended to us and exceeded our expectations. Marcy, Sarah, and the entire staff provided guidance and support in publishing the book. They shared our enthusiasm for our story. Their editorial insights, cover design, and marketing suggestions were invaluable. We would highly recommend Orange Frazer to anyone interested in publishing a book.”
—Nick Ragland, CEO of Gorilla Glue, The Savior (September 2016)


“We knew our story was in good hands when we met Marcy Hawley. Marcy, Sarah, Aly, and everyone at Orange Frazer are such friendly, knowledgeable, professional people who shared our enthusiasm for our story. Their expertise and attention to detail resulted in a beautifully designed book of exceptional quality. Working with Orange Frazer Press was such an enjoyable experience and we look forward to working with this wonderful group of people again.”
—Valerie Woebkenberg, Miles on the Mayflower (May 2016)



I don't think anyone could have helped me through the process any better than the folks at Orange Frazer. They gave me choices with guidance and always gave me the last say. From the first meeting to the books-in-hand, and all the phone calls in between—everyone was wonderful!”
—Polly Jordan, Count the Seven Fruits of Israel 
(November 2015) 

“The book looks great! The selection of Laura Pulfer and Orange Frazer Press proved to be a winner. The Orange Frazer book production process was critical in the control of the cost and on-time delivery. It has been a good experience and certainly will preserve our corporate legacy. Many thanks to all.”
—El Bourgraf, Chairman and Co-Founder of Ferno-Washington Inc., Handle with Care
(October 2015)

Carter, Shannon with book_EDIT.jpg



“I cannot thank Orange Frazer enough for producing such a lovely book! I continue to be thrilled with the results of Living ArtfullyThe quality of everything matched and surpassed my expectations. The product, especially, and the journey with the opportunity to meet and work with you were all fantastic. I am so happy to recommend Orange Frazer Press.”
—Shannon Carter, Living Artfully
(August 2015)


“On February 27th we had a 'Thank You Party' to a community that embraced our organization during the 61 days Karson went missing. As a result of the incident we partnered with Orange Frazer Press to publish our book written by Abbie Beam. Since we are not in the book business, Orange Frazer Press made this simple and took a lot of the guess work out of it. They were easy to work with and provided a lot of professional insight to make our product even better. I can’t thank them enough for their assistance with this project.”
—Wilmington Police Chief Duane Weyand, K9 Karson Comes Home
(August 2015)



“Orange Frazer may be a small company located in a small city, but don’t let that fool you. The product the Orange Frazer team produces can match that from any of the larger publishing companies. The process from initial e-mail and telephone contact to meet and greet, editing, design, and proofing make the author feel welcome and involved in every stage of publishing. It’s a great company with skilled people who help tell stories through terrific books.”
—Bill Plunkett, The G-man and the Diamond King
(June 2015)


“I wish that I had used Orange Frazer Press for my first three books, rather than waiting until my fourth. With the first three, when I finished writing, I discovered that I was only half done, with the most tedious part—overseeing the editing, designing, proofreading, and printing—yet to be done. But OFP streamlined all that. I was especially pleased with the swiftly-created and completely appropriate cover design that captured the book visually. The OFP staff was prompt, thoughtful, charming, and they knew what they were doing. My next book—probably a novel about the municipal bond industry, a surprisingly interesting topic—should be ready for OFP in about two years.”
—Buck Niehoff, Jammu Mail and Walking Hadrian’s Wall

University of Cincinnati College of Nursing 125th anniversary book


“We are absolutely thrilled with our 125th anniversary book, University of Cincinnati College of Nursing: 125 Years of Transforming Health CareOrange Frazer Press delivered an outstanding product within a short timeline so that we could have the book in time for our celebration. They were a pleasure to work with.”
—Melanie Cannon, University of Cincinnati College of Nursing




“For writers, there's nothing like the joy of handing our work over to people who fling themselves into the next step—making it better. The Orange Frazer folks are fierce about detail and devoted to quality. Every book I’ve seen come out of those quirky offices in Wilmington is wonderful in its own way. Beautifully designed and thoughtfully executed. No cookie cutters allowed.”
—Laura Pulfer, Out of Habit


Laura Pulfer with Out of Habit, a book published for Xavier University to celebrate its beloved nun, Sister Rose Ann Fleming
Phil Nuxhall with his book, Stories in the Grove


“From the moment I met Marcy and Sarah Hawley at the kick-off event for my father's book, JOE, I knew that I had met kindred spirits. Marcy casually suggested I contact Orange Frazer if I ever decided to write a book and that's exactly what I did. From the initial meeting to discuss the book project to the actual publication, I knew I had made the right choice. Marcy and the staff made the process one of the most memorable of my life. Their attention to detail, especially with graphics, were top notch and made the final product a piece of art in my eyes. I can't begin to imagine anyone else publishing my books who could match the quality and attention to detail of the folks at Orange Frazer Press... They are simply the best!”
—Phil Nuxhall, Stories in the Grove





“People are over the moon about my book, and so am I. I can't say enough good things about Orange Frazer.”
—Paul Kari, The Strength to Endure





Paul Kari with his memoir, The Strength to Endure, a custom book published by Orange Frazer Press
Wendell Cultice with his memoir, Slaughterhouse Kid, a custom book published by Orange Frazer Press

“Once we walked into the Orange Frazer offices, we knew we were in the right place. Marcy’s office was one that was warm, inviting, loaded with books, in a vintage setting, one in which we immediately felt comfortable. The entire staff is personable, knowledgeable, and extremely professional while projecting a relaxed atmosphere. Our initial impression that we’d found a perfect match proved to be true. Marcy, Sarah, and Brittany were as eager as we to have a finished product of quality—one in which we could be proud. The experience was all that we’d hoped for and more. We look forward to an ongoing relationship with this talented group of people. Their slogan says it all—Your story, beautifully told. It was and we thank them!”
—Wendell Cultice, Slaughterhouse Kid

Working with Orange Frazer Press gave us the personal attention we were looking for, without compromising quality, a Cintas hallmark. After all, small is how we began, and it's important to remember your roots.”
—Karen Carnahan, Cintas

It's a masterpiece. I think it's absolutely beautiful.”
—Colleen Brethen, Not Just Another Cookbook

“Orange Frazer’s team members were a pleasure to work with: thoroughly professional, wonderfully creative, and bend-over-backward, hand-holding helpful. They seemed to possess a sixth-sense for the product I wanted, but couldn’t quite define. So I gave them the manuscript and a short stack of photos and—zingo!—out came a beautiful, affordable, marketable, award-winning book.”
—John Buccholz, The Orphan Home

“Orange Frazer has been easy to work with—honest, professional, helpful with the countless tasks that must be taken care of, and on time with quality products. I urge anyone considering such projects to take a good look at Marcy and her staff at Orange Frazer.”
—Thomas Otten, The Pride of Price Hill

Working with Orange Frazer resulted in a beautifully designed, one-of-a-kind book that has won rave reviews locally and nationally from both public and peer.”
—Phyllis Hegner, Free and Public

“The staff at Orange Frazer Press is terrific. They are creative, cooperative and thorough. I hope to work with them again.”
—Janet Shailer, The Austerlitz Bugle-Telegraph

Over twenty years of leadership! Orange Frazer reaches for quality and makes books their readers are proud to own forever."
—Jim Dicke, Crown Equipment Corporation

“We have followed their work for nearly 20 years and have seen the amazing 'track record' they have created, making it easy to want their professional assistance when it came time to publish a book of our drawings. Orange Frazer set thoughtful guidelines and industry standards: then stepped back to gave us the freedom to create the high quality art book we had originally envisioned. We could not have done this without their expert guidance. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
—David & Barbara Day, Vanishing Cincinnati

I am very fortunate to have met the entire staff and enjoyed their company many times over. JB and I have had many interesting conversations, and, well, Marcy is a wonderful woman to say the least. Sarah speaks volumes of energy and enthusiasm.”
—Verne Haugen, Count Me In

“Kudos to Orange Frazer Press for making my story into a quality book. I found the staff to be professional and supportive as we worked together to produce a quality novel from my manuscript. Costs and services are clearly laid out at the beginning, transparency is a key aspect of how they do business.
—John Brackett, Suffer the Little Children