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Count the Seven Fruits of Israel: Before and After

One of our favorite parts of the publishing process is the joy of bringing a client's project to life. When our custom book client, Polly Jordan, came to us with her fun idea for a lift-the-flap children's board book, we were excited to do just that. In order to better explain her vision, Polly showed us her mock-up of Count the Seven Fruits of Israel, which she delicately made by hand out of cut paper. Working with her unique concept and colorful paper-cut illustrations, we were able to make her idea into a reality. Along with the creation of die-cut flaps, the client also desired the addition of a handle that would allow small children to carry the book along more easily. The following before and after images highlight this transformation process. 

Here you can see the mock-up cover on the left beside the final cover on the right. 

One can compare an interior spread from the initial mock-up with the finished product below. We take pride in quality manufacturing and materials, which were especially crucial in the function of the flaps, handles, and rounded corners. 

Here is a more detailed look at a flap, which opens to reveal the inside of the pomegranate.

This is another before-and-after look at a different spread. The integration of the glossary directly onto the background and the addition of a scroll behind the verse added interest to these pages. 

You can purchase Count the Seven Fruits of Israel on our store. Have a book idea you would like to make tangible? Learn more about our work, and we would love to help you create a professional, quality product that stands the test of time.   

Sneak peek of Living Artfully, by Shannon Carter

Shannon Carter knows that preserving tradition is an act of love. Whether she is collecting and displaying family heirlooms, repurposing antiques, or artfully arranging collections, she prioritizes artful living alongside excellent craftsmanship. We were honored to publish a coffee-table book celebrating her love of tradition and inspiring others to collect, preserve, and display their treasures. (Additionally, she offers a few family recipes, one of which we preview here).

Here are a few exclusive photo excerpts from her book, Living Artfully, which will be available for sale in September. 

Living Artfully will sell for $40, and all proceeds from the book will be donated to the Taft Museum of Art in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Not Just Another Cookbook: Before and After

We don’t always have the opportunity to share a “before” image of an Orange Frazer creation. If you know our lead designer, Brittany, you know that she usually makes the magic happen with nothing but a manuscript and her own creative juices as her guide. However, for our recent cookbook project with custom client Colleen Brethen, we were given a mock-up of the book that she had been using prior to professionally publishing her recipes. It was a spiral bound collection she had put together herself, with a plastic cover (to protect from splattering, no doubt!), and cardstock pages. She asked us to create a glossy, professionally designed cookbook for her, and that we did! Colleen’s project had our creative team drooling every single day (it could be scientifically verified that our collective calorie intake quadruples when we are designing cookbooks), and we’re so excited to share the “before and after” images (excuse us while we break out the office cookies).

book publishing services, Not Just Another Cookbook
book publishing services, Not Just Another Cookbook
book publishing services, professional design, Not Just Another Cookbook
book publishing services, professional design, Not Just Another Cookbook

If you have a collection of personal or family recipes—bound or unbound, scribbled on recipe cards or typed out in chapters—we would love to help you create a professional and memorable cookbook that generations after you will cherish.

Spitballing Wins Larry Ritter Book Award

563217_468605309932659_1940028301_n We are proud to announce that Mike Lackey’s Spitballing: The Baseball Days of Long Bob Ewing is the winner of the Larry Ritter Book Award. The Larry Ritter Book Award is given by the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR), an organization devoted to the accurate preservation and celebration of baseball history. The sub-committee had this to say of Spitballing and its win:

“Lackey… offers his readers a superbly drawn portrait of one of early baseball’s grinders and his era. In addition, Lackey provides his readers imposing and informative endnotes as well as an impressive bibliography.

“Finally, Lackey writes well and argues his conclusions persuasively and clearly. It should be noted that of all the books in the Ritter Book Award competition this year, Lackey’s was clearly the best designed and most attractive. The publishers and its editors took care with this production, serving its author and his readers spectacularly.”

Published Fall 2013, Spitballing has been met with overwhelming support and enthusiasm. The chronicle of Bob Ewing, early twentieth century Reds pitcher and iconic master of the then-legal spitball, brings to life an era in baseball history riddled with tension, late-night games, and gambling. His book has been celebrated by baseball historians and devotees, and its accolades affirm a well-researched, well-written, and well-published book of historical merit.

Congratulations, Mike, on this recognition!

Five Things You Didn't Know Were Hiding in Orange Frazer Books

It’s not a gimmick when we say that at Orange Frazer, each book is unique. We mean this literally, because every single Orange Frazer book is totally different. Our book design services don't include templates or package-design deals, which means that each image has been individually photo-corrected, each page has been individually formatted, each cover has been individually ushered from concept to bookshelf. Brittany, our lead designer, spends weeks (and sometimes months) drafting, sketching, brainstorming, redoing…and redoing again. We’ve been known—over the course of many weeks or months spent on a particular project—to leave a few “signatures” along the way.  So here they are: the fun (and wacky) things you’ll find hiding in Orange Frazer books:

Orange Frazer PressJust a Car Salesman. Jeff Wyler is known for his numerous successful dealerships over several decades, and the parade of car models across the cover seemed a fitting way to honor that legacy (in both time and diversity). And if you look closely (and know your automobile trivia), you’ll see that our publisher’s very first car, a 1978 Dodge Challenger, made the lineup.







Orange Frazer PressRevealed: Columbus: The Story of Us. In 2012, Columbus celebrated its bicentennial year with all of the celebratory fanfare befitting a prosperous and growing Ohio city. We were commissioned to publish the book honoring this celebration, working with Jamie Greene of ACP Visioning + Planning to make it a reality. Fun fact: Jamie loves bison, and for his Halloween costume that year, dressed as bison for the “bison-tennial.” In honor of Jamie, we included a small bison on the OFP logo on the back cover.







Orange Frazer PressHarriett’s Homecoming: A High-Flying Tour of Cincinnati. This book, by Susan Levine, boasts illustrations by Columbus-area artist, Erin Burchwell. Her layered watercolors lend depth and vibrancy to each page. As a tribute to the Queen City (once the pork capital of the USA), Erin included a pig in every single illustration. Don’t believe us? Try finding all of them (it’s not easy).





Orange Frazer PressChad: I Can’t Be Stopped. Chad Johnson of the Cincinnati Bengals worked with us on his memoir, I Can’t Be Stopped. For the cover, we used a profile shot of Chad, in which you see his chin resting on his hands. After this photo was taken, Sarah (our production manager) noticed that Chad’s fingernails were in terrible shape. She insisted that they be cleaned up for the cover. It was too late to reshoot, however, so our designer went to work trimming—and reshaping—them on Photoshop.






Orange Frazer PressStirrups. It’s not often that you are asked to publish a gynocologist’s memoirs. The cover for this one was particularly challenging. Putting actual stirrups on the cover would be provocative (and off-putting). And no one wants to see a WebMD-style stock photo. A conceptual cover was key. Brittany took a brief field trip to a local jewelry store for inspiration, and came back with photos of charm bracelets and the willpower to design (from scratch) her own symbolic charms. She successfully did this, and I bet you won’t guess which charms are real, and which are her creations (she’s good).