Celebrate Your Company or Organization's
Anniversary with a Custom Book

round out your anniversary year preparations


Orange Frazer has been helping institutions celebrate anniversaries for almost thirty years. Sometimes anniversary books are full-color, photo-driven coffee-table books, and sometimes they are books of stories and historic prints, but in any form, they should be aesthetically one-of-a-kind and tonally spot-on.

Our clients use anniversary books as gifts to donors and supporters, gifts to board members, fundraising rewards, gifts to employees, and marketing and business development tools. 

Who do we work with?

We work with universities, businesses, nonprofits, CEOs, hospitals, religious organizations, cultural institutions, and communities to celebrate anniversaries.


Publishing an anniversary book is an investment in time and creativity. Some projects can be completed in only a few months, while others take years of research, writing, and photography. 

Anniversary books can either be photo-driven (often these are coffee-table books, but they can be any shape, size, or binding you would like) or text-driven (often these are written histories or archival collections).

Photo-driven books

Photo-driven anniversary books require professional photography, high-resolution scanning, and a greater time investment in page design. These books often take longer to pull together, so if this book is your dream book, plan on putting aside no less than six months for design, printing, binding, and shipping (research, writing, and photography will add additional months to the front-end).

Text-driven books

Text-driven anniversary books do not require as much time up-front, as there are fewer images and photos. Once we have received the manuscript from your writer, we can put together a straightforward and concise production timeline, but you should add at least six months to this timeline if you would like us to coordinate the writing.

Whether you choose a photo-driven book or a text-driven book, we can scale our services to be as "full-service" as you need them to be. Read more about our services here.

Wondering what to do with an anniversary book?

For specific ideas on how to utilize an anniversary book, check out our blog posts on the topic:

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Whether you have a prepared manuscript and several hundred professional photos ready to go, or you have a concept for the book and need help fleshing it out, we will work with you. Anniversaries are incredible opportunities for celebration and engagement, and we are honored to work with storied institutions across the country.


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“We are absolutely thrilled with our 125th anniversary book, University of Cincinnati College of Nursing: 125 Years of Transforming Health Care. Orange Frazer Press delivered an outstanding product within a short timeline so that we could have the book in time for our celebration. They were a pleasure to work with.”
— Melanie Cannon, University of Cincinnati College of Nursing