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Are you preparing for a transition to the next generation of family ownership? Are you retiring and leaving the company in new hands? Are you rebranding your organization or reengaging your employees? Do you have a capital campaign approaching or a steep fundraising goal? Are you a scholar ready to publish your historical research? A family member hoping to preserve generations of ancestry and history? 

A book is a way to establish your work and its authority and a way to preserve your legacy. And when your book is finished, you can use it as a gift, as a marketing tool, for community outreach and business development, and even as a fundraising tool. 

No matter your goal or your story, we can guide you as you determine how your book should look and feel, and we will deliver on our promise of a professional, high-quality, long-lasting product.

WHO do we work with? 

We have helped scholars, families, businesses, nonprofits, schools, CEOs, hospitals, and many (many) others publish books of history. There is no client too big or too small.

where to start

The time frame for publishing a book of history depends wholly on the book's unique specifications and the state of the research at the time we take on the project. If you come to us with the research completed, the manuscript drafted, photos and archival documents scanned, saved, and sorted by chapter, the timeline for completion will be straightforward. If you need research, writing, and perhaps even photography completed along with the design and manufacturing, allow for an additional six months to a year ahead of the production timeline.

we will work with you

Whether you have your research, manuscript, and photos ready to go or you need significant help in research, writing, and photography to make the concept a reality, we will work with you. We strive to be a resource to you in your publishing journey: learn more about the services we offer here.


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To view more of our books, please visit our samples page. 

“When I talk about writing organizational histories or meet with potential clients, I bring along copies of the books I’ve done, and the one that impresses everyone most is a beautifully designed and produced book called By Design: The Story of Crown Equipment Corporation, an Ohio lift truck company that produces the BMW of lift trucks. I recommend Orange Frazer Press... They are ideal for your high-end projects.”
— Pat McNees, By Design: The Story of Crown Equipment Corporation