This Day in Bengals History


This Day in Bengals History

  • 336 pages

  • 7 x 10

  • Softcover

  • ISBN 978-1939710-901

  • Copyright 2018

By Geoff Hobson

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This Day in Bengals History brings to life the team’s past as it was lived. Events are described as they unfolded in what is a time machine for Bengals fans. Step inside and find yourself experiencing the best Bengals moments once again.”

—Mike Brown, Bengals president

“To document the franchise’s history is exciting, from 1968 when the team started with the Brown family to all the drafts, coaches, players and Super Bowls. It’s nice to be able pick up a book and be reminded of who, what, when, and where.” 

—Anthony Muñoz, Pro Football Hall of Famer 

“I’ve always believed what we do is creating memories. This book is a trip down memory lane for me. Sometimes you learn about guys that you didn’t know about and maybe events you’ve forgotten. It’s wonderful to be able to take that kind of trip on a daily basis.” 

—Jim Breech, Bengals all-time leading scorer

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