Phillies Photos: 100 Years of Philadelphia Phillies Images


Phillies Photos: 100 Years of Philadelphia Phillies Images

  • 208 Pages
  • 9.5 x 10.25
  • Hardcover
  • ISBN 978-1933197-586
  • Copyright 2008

By Mark Stang

Over 245 black and white photographs span 100 years of baseball history in this stunning collection of Phillies images. From the days of Chuck Klein and Robin Roberts to Mike Schmidt and Ryan Howard, the famous and forgotten fill these pages and recall the glory of Philadelphia Phillies baseball. The book covers the Phillies from 1900 all the way through the 2008 season. 
Culled from 14 public and private photo archives, this collection includes dozens of previously unpublished images. Many of the older photographs were locked away in dusty files for decades until appearing here for the first time. Printer's marks were removed and the detail in the images was revealed through careful restoration. Most of the photographs have been reproduced to near their original size to faithfully record what the photographer saw. 
These photographs record the changing face of baseball through the century by documenting the evolution of equipment, ballparks, uniforms and batting styles. Players, managers, owners, and broadcasters--they're all here, with captions that bring their stories to life. From the glory days of the Whiz Kids to the agony of 1964 and beyond. From Grover Cleveland Alexander to Richie Allen and everyone in between.
Here are their pictures. Here are their stories.

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