Hail to the Chaff


Hail to the Chaff

  • 59 pages
  • 6 x 9 
  • Softcover
  • ISBN 978-1939710-567
  • Copyright 2016

By Wendell W. Cultice

Each of these men, chosen by the people to carry out their wishes in the matter of government, has left the stamp of his personality on the history of our country. 

Carefully and painstakingly, Cultice has studied the lives of certain men who were called to the presidency, and has uncovered a series of quirky facts and illuminating anecdotes that paint unexpected portraits of their lives and times, problems, hopes, successes, and failures, finding that history is only as interesting as those who make it. 

So, take the reader's oath and solemnly swear that you will faithfully read Hail to the Chaff and will, to the best of your ability, explore, entertain, and delight in the lighter side of the U.S. presidency. 


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