Frank J. Lausche: Ohio's Great Political Maverick


Frank J. Lausche: Ohio's Great Political Maverick

  • 496 Pages
  • 7 x 10
  • hardcover
  • ISBN 1-882203-49-6
  • Copyright 2005

By Jim Odenkirk

Frank J. Lausche, first generation son of Slovenian immigrants, broke through an ethnic barrier and became Cleveland’s first mayor of Eastern European ancestry with his election in 1941. He opened the door for a succession of ethnics affectionately labeled Lausche clones: Celebrezze, Locher, Perk, Kucinich and Voinovich. Lausche dominated state politics for over 35 years, going on to become governor, and later, senator. 
The author’s authoritative account is based on use of an extensive variety of resources. Superbly weaving rich detail into a moving narrative, Odenkirk provides a fascinating account of a man of immense intellect, of unquestioned integrity and of steadfast devotion to the highest principles of public service. To many, Lausche was Ohio’s most significant political figure in the second-half of the twentieth century.

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