Cash, Cars, & Kisses

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Cash, Cars, & Kisses

  • 175 Pages
  • 7 x 10
  • Hardcover
  • ISBN 978-1933197-968 
  • Copyright 2012

By John Fulker

Cash, Cars, and Kisses is a real life murder mystery trilogy. Written by attorney John Fulker, these are cases that occurred in Miami County, Ohio in the twentieth century. Some are heartbreaking, others unbelievable, and one simply shocking but all are true and show how the justice system sometimes fails and other times succeeds in small town Ohio.
John Fulker, like most attorneys, is an inveterate story-teller. Perhaps as an innocuous hobby, but most certainly as an obsession, he has spent much of his leisure time, over the past thirty years, in researching and reproducing in novelized format, the circumstances and the subsequent legal proceedings involved in a number of the more bizarre,  and/or high-profile murder cases which have occurred and played out in his own Miami County, Ohio, over the entire course of its existence.

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