(twenty-five years ago) two writers and an editor of a regional magazine had an idea. What if they could take a small bit of their voluminous research found over their collective literary experience (50 years) and shape it into something enlightening, entertaining, beautiful, and, even useful?

LO AND BEHOLD, they did. It became what is known as a book.

THEY WERE HAPPY. But then they had to think, "What next?" Fueled with enthusiasm and never short on ideas, they decided to make another book.

OVER TIME, the little company grew. It learned how to use time wisely, budget money, learn about computers, selling, marketing, distribution, and customer service, all the while collecting the talents of writers, photographers, illustrators, designers, and, always and most importantly, proofreaders.

THEY PUBLISHED BOOKS about the state they knew so well. These books were (and still are) sold to bookstores, schools, libraries, and specialty stores. And when you see them, you always know they were made by people who never take shortcuts.