Wildlife Warrior: More Tales of Suburban Safaris


Wildlife Warrior: More Tales of Suburban Safaris

  • 160 Pages
  • 6 x 9
  • Paperback
  • ISBN 1-933197-17-X
  • Copyright 2006

By Tim Harrison

What would you do if a ten-foot Albino Burmese Python slithered out from behind your toilet—while you were sitting on it? Or if a supposedly “tame” cougar escaped and ran, scared and angry, through your neighborhood? Or if a former pet wolf snatched hot dogs off your campground picnic table? 
Tim Harrison's latest book, Wildlife Warrior: More Tales Of Suburban Safaris, shows how the ignorance of those who own exotic animals and the fear of the general population leads to wild encounters that are often fatal—for both humans and the animals.
Self-proclaimed “Wildlife Warrior” and animal activist, Harrison sees almost daily what most popular animal shows fail to mention. His chilling and sad experiences, while rescuing exotic animals from misguided exotic pet owners, have led him on a crusade to educate people about the foolishness of trying to own inherently wild creatures.
Wildlife Warrior: More Tales of Suburban Safaris is Harrison’s second book detailing an entire menagerie of exotic animals that he has encountered over the past 30 years. As a police officer, firefighter and paramedic for the City of Oakwood, Ohio, and as founder of “Outreach for Animals,” an organization that assists in the rescue of exotic animals, Harrison has devoted his life to saving people from dangerous animals, and exotic animals from dangerous people.
Harrison leaves no doubt as to his side of this controversial subject. He has been involved with wildlife rescues, rehabilitation, and raising animals since he was 13 years old. Harrison recently advocated laws that forbid the ownership of exotic animals within Cleveland and Dayton city limits. He spends much of his free time educating people, hopeful that the day will come when owning exotic pets will not be viewed as a status symbol, and these truly wild animals will be allowed to be, well, wild.

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