Voices in My Head: The Gary Burbank Story


Voices in My Head: The Gary Burbank Story

  • 350 Pages
  • 7 x 10
  • Hardcover
  • ISBN 978-1933197-517
  • Copyright 2009

By Greg Hoard

Gary Burbank, the comedic genius from 700 WLW, the voice of Gilbert Gnarley, Earl Pitts and Deuteronomy Skaggs reveals what it was like growing up weird. A clumsy southern boy who later enlisted in the army, found his true calling first as a musician while stationed in Germany and then as a radio personality with more voices in his head than a schizophrenic. He turned his mania into works of art; and a paycheck. 
Read about how Gary avoided doing any duties in the army by carrying around a paint brush.
Learn how Gary's character, Earl Pitts, saved a Cincinnati celebrity from getting beaten up a gang of angry bikers.
Get to know Gary's pet monkey, Phyllis Chapman.
Find out who dumped a truckload of manure in Gary's driveway and why.
Voices in My Head is the funny and sometimes heartbreaking story of a man who just wanted to be himself.

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