The Will-Burt Company: A History of Re-invention


The Will-Burt Company: A History of Re-invention

  • 81 pages

  • 9 x 12

  • Hardcover

  • ISBN 978-1939710987

  • Copyright 2019

By David Cotsmire and Michael Oliver

The Will-Burt story began in 1894 with the opening of a repair shop run by brothers Burt and John Cope who were tired of farming. A partnership with Will Tschantz and a move to Orrville, Ohio, a booming manufacturing town, helped the company to prosper. They were opportunistic and grew their business through acquisitions, strategic partnerships and innovative products - all part of our corporate DNA to this day.

The company embraced change and was willing to take risks and explore opportunities outside of the core business. From well drilling equipment, to vises, to combustion control equipment, stokers and telescoping masts - all while manufacturing and assembling products and challenges along the way, and even a time when the future of the company was in doubt.

Today, as an employee-owned company, Will-Burt continues to evolve and pursue new opportunities. Decisions are based on a tradition of operating ethically and respecting our customers, suppliers and the community. These same principles were established by our founders over 100 years ago and will continue to guide us into the future.

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