The Ohio Graduation Test: Study Guide - Mathematics


The Ohio Graduation Test: Study Guide - Mathematics


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By Shari Wolf

Updated for 2006

This 2006 revision of the Study Guide includes:

  • Corrected and closer alignment to the Benchmarks and Indicators
  • Explanation and problems identifying properties and subsets of real numbers
  • Probability areas of permutations and combinations
  • Additions to the glossary
  • Special right triangles, 30-60-90 and 45-45-90 triangles

Shari Wolf earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics Education from Wright State University and her Masters of Science degree in Guidance from the University of Dayton. After spending fourteen years teaching high school students on all levels of the traditional secondary mathematics curriculum, she then accepted the challenge of developing an applied mathematics curriculum in the Ohio vocational schools setting. Shari's focus throughout her teaching career has been to develop curriculum and materials to help students succeed in mathematics.

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