Stahler: Inkslinger


Stahler: Inkslinger

  • 144 Pages
  • 11 x 8.5
  • Softcover
  • ISBN 1-882203-25-9
  • Copyright 2003

By Jeff Stahler

Jeff Stahler has been an editorial cartoonist for The Cincinnati Post since 1985, and his political cartoons are distributed worldwide by United Media. His cartoons appear every week in USA Today and are frequently reprinted in major magazines and newspapers, including Newsweek and The New York Times. Stahler was a finalist for the National Cartoonists Society’s 1999 Reuben division award for Best Editorial Cartoons and has won numerous national and local awards, including first place in the 1990 John Fischetti Editorial Cartoon Competition. 
Jeff Stahler is also the creator of Moderately Confused, a whimsical slice-of-life daily panel. “Moderately Confused is an extension of my daily thinking routine,” says Stahler. “I’m used to observing the front pages of the news and commenting with a cartoon. But every day, the rest of the paper tracks the culture, and all of those stories are rich for commentary, too. This panel gives me an outlet for observing those back pages of the paper that I enjoy reading as well.” 
A native of Bellefontaine, Ohio, Stahler graduated from the Columbus College of Art and Design in 1977 with a bachelor of fine arts degree. Before joining The Cincinnati Post, he was editorial cartoonist for The Columbus Citizen-Journal. He lives in Cincinnati with his wife, Jeani, and their children, Maggie and Alex.

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