Reminisce. Reinvent. Renew. Midmark Corporation 1915-2015

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Reminisce. Reinvent. Renew. Midmark Corporation 1915-2015

  • 246 pages
  • 11 x 9
  • Hardcover
  • ISBN 9781933197890
  • Copyright 2015

By Geoff Williams

Inside these pages are the stories of people who built Midmark: a global team of salespeople, engineers, welders, receptionists, accountants, press operators, customer and tech services, marketing, assemblers, truck drivers, managers, executives and unsung heroes such as Hilda Frericks, who would be one of the first hired in 1915 and would stay with the company for the next half century. They all found a calling, caring for a company that specializes in caring. 

Reminisce. Reinvent. Renew. is the story of a company born during World War I, which barely survived the Great Depression and endured World War II to finally begin enjoying prosperity and stability during the Eisenhower years. It's also the narrative of ambitious entrepreneurs who realized during the tumultuous 1960s that the country had changed, but their company hadn't. If they weren't going to be left behind in the world that sent men to the moon, the company's leadership recognized the Industrial Equipment Company would have to do much more than change its name. 

This book is an account of a way of life that has become an anachronism in the world and in corporate culture. When people are hired at Midmark, they tend to remain, just as their predecessors did in the 20th century. These are stories of colorful characters, salt-of-the-Earth people, the best and the brightest, coming from all corners of the world, who find their way to a business...and make it a home. 

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