Living Artfully: Inspired by Tradition


Living Artfully: Inspired by Tradition

  • 223 pages
  • 8.5 x 11
  • Hardcover
  • ISBN 978-1939710-284
  • Copyright 2015

By Shannon Carter

Photography by Ryan Kurtz

Every so often one finds an aesthetic convergence that meshes so beautifully, you wonder why it's never happened before. So it is with Living Artfully, Inspired by Tradition. 

Shannon Carter's gift lies in the complexity of how she sees herself in relation to her environment, her family and friends, and her history, while remaining passionate about the future. 

Her story, this book, is an expression of her loves for collecting antique miniature furniture and silver and embracing treasured heirlooms, while simultaneously teaching the rest of us how to use them creatively, even whimsically, to entertain and to have fun. Over 60 favorite Carter family recipes, along with artful invitations, announcements, and thank you notes are included, too. 

Beautiful but whimsical. Traditional but quirky. Focused but relaxed. 

The best performers make it look easy. Shannon Carter is one of those. 


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