The Harmony of Parts: John Garabedian


The Harmony of Parts: John Garabedian

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  • 411 pages
  • 7 x 10
  • Hardcover
  • ISBN 978-1939710-413
  • Copyright 2016

By: John Garabedian with Ian Aldrich

This is a story about the struggle to make sense of an illogical world, the journey to discover life's real rules, and what it takes to achieve your highest dreams. It's the story of John Garabedian. 

Few played more of an enduring role in the evolution of radio programming than Garabedian. From his start at WORC, a groundbreaking Worcester, Mass., radio station, to the launch of his own radio and television stations, to his long-running nationally syndicated show, Open House Party (broadcast on more than two hundred stations and listened to by millions every Saturday night), John Garabedian has packed a career that intersected, and often times boosted, the careers of music's biggest stars- Rod Stewart, The Who, Lady Gaga, and Taylor Swift, to name a few. But his is more than a story about the radio business. It's an American story, too. The son of an immigrant mother who instilled in him a belief in the American Dream and the passion to follow his heart, Garabedian rose to fame not by following the path others had set before him but by forging his own journey, no matter the obstacles. The roadblocks were many, including coming to terms with his sexuality long before the gay rights revolution ever took shape and fighting a near decade-long battle to secure the right to build his first station. Packed with color, humor, and poignancy, Garabedian's memoir reveals the rewards that come with living an authentic life and embodying the very words "be your dream" - the sign-off he uses each week to close his show. 

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