Ghosts, Too: The Supernatural in Ordinary Lives


Ghosts, Too: The Supernatural in Ordinary Lives

  • 144 Pages
  • 6 x 9
  • Paperback
  • ISBN 1-933197-18-8
  • Copyright 2006

By Joanne Gamblee

“We had put a keyed dead bolt-lock on the front door. After it was shut and locked, you’d hear a click and you’d see the latch turn and the dead bolt open, and the door would open. YES, you could stand there and watch that door opening by itself.”
The Hammond family said good-bye to the exorcist, assured they wouldn’t hear from their ghost for a long time. As they sat down to eat, “all of a sudden a terrible racket started upstairs, doors slamming, dresser drawers being jerked open and shut, loud stamping on each stairstep, the loudest we’d ever heard. We could see the stairs from where we sat and no one was there. She was irate because the mediums had been there. It was terrifying then, and it still is.”
Margaret chose the name Sarah for their ghost because that was the name of the wife of the original owner and builder of their lovely 19th century home. She was flabbergasted when a guest heard the ghost say, "My name is Sarah.”
These and more bizarre encounters, told by the people who experienced them, happened not on a ghost hunt but during their daily routines at home and at work, sometimes in the dark but more often in broad daylight. 
Joanne Gamblee is a former journalist and free-lance writer who has lived in Troy, Ohio, for the past 51 years. 

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