Gentle Mending


Gentle Mending

  • 280 Pages
  • 7 X 10
  • Softcover
  • ISBN 978-1939710-215
  • Copyright 2015

By Aimee Rocks and Dwight Tolliver, Ph.D.

There are times when only a human will do.
Aimee was at her emotional end. She had been pushed through a health care system that wasn’t getting it right. When she made one last effort to ask for help, it was like winning the lottery. Much of Aimee’s life up to that point represented the converse of winning the lottery. Father was that opposite force. Tall Man, a humanistic psychologist, is the antithesis of Father. 
Read how Aimee’s therapy experience with Tall Man, who was willing to take the time to understand her pain as a human being, became a life changing journey for each of them. Tall Man carefully and thoughtfully made the diagnosis for Aimee, and it finally put understanding to all of the confusion she and her sisters had encountered through an unimaginably abusive childhood.  
Gentle Mending is an invitation to share the emotional journeys of Aimee Rocks and Tall Man, who had some emotional mending of his own to do. They have worked toward understanding their pain, trusting each other, and negotiating a meaningful therapy process for each of them. Whether you experienced trauma(s) in your life, more than one resides within you, you’re deeply involved in the health care system, or you’re an avid reader searching for a story about connection and understanding, Gentle Mending may symbiotically supply meaning and purpose into your heart, soul, and mind.

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