A Place Called Home: Clinton County, Ohio


A Place Called Home: Clinton County, Ohio

  • 288 Pages
  • 9 x 12
  • Hardcover
  • ISBN 1-933197-03-X
  • Copyright 2006

The photographers of this photographic exploration of Clinton County, Ohio—there were nearly twenty of them—did not work quickly; they studied the lay of the land, met people, drove the streets and alleys of every community, and knocked on several hundred doors. More than two years, countless miles, and several thousand images later, the result is A Place Called Home.

The book, published for the Clinton County Foundation, in a farsighted moment of its own, gave the photographers—most of whom did not know the county—a virtual carte blanche to discover the essential imagery of the place we call home. Their work to locate our universal imagery has become a picture of life in one particular Midwestern place, held firmly by two centuries of agrarian small town traditions even as it moves itself into a less-traditional future. Picture by picture, these photographers demonstrate how we live and work and play, and they do this in such a compelling fashion that their narrative picture leads others to wish they lived here, as well.

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