We Will Miss You, Chad

Sometimes in publishing, you have to say goodbye. Our designer/in house comedian, Chad DeBoard, will be leaving us mid- September to work for a company in Tennessee. Chad has been with us on and off since 2006 and he leaves us with a lot of memories. I have created a resume for him, in case he needs to show his new employer some of his lesser known but equally important talents.

He can make stop-motion videos. He has heard the song “Starring” by Freelance Whales—the soundtrack to one of our stop motion videos—so many times he can sing it while sleeping. (See the videos at www.orangefrazercustombooks.com)

He can imitate a dolphin.

He can turn an umlaut into a comedy routine, and he has been known to launch into impromptu standup at places such as Toys R Us, to wit:

Chad to woman shopping: “You have just the one kid?”

Woman shopping: “Yes, how did you know?”

Chad: “You’re buying fruit wash. We used to buy fruit wash when we had our first kid. Now our third kid eats dirt off the bottom of his shoes. If we’d stayed with the fruit wash thing we would be buying fruit wash in industrial drums from Sam’s Warehouse and asking, ‘Can you get that with a pump on it?’”

He can fold paper into a three dimensional truck, plane, or boat.

He will share humorous stories about his children and other family members. A Christmas tree is now known around here as a ‘mimiss tree,’ and his Uncle Seymour says that the Kroger Plus card raises your insurance rates. (Uncle Seymour says they can see how much bacon you bought and this means your cholesterol is probably too high.)

He can design a website, a book, a t-shirt, a poster, a business card, a logo, a brochure, a post card, an outdoor sign and a hair-do. (And he can design them faster than you can say “mimiss tree.”)

He has been known to buy groceries for people out of work or pay their rent, and once he repaired the car of an Orange Frazer client—in the parking lot—while the client stood by.

He can make birthday cards. Here is an example:

Thank you, Chad, for everything. For working through the tedium that book formatting presents, mulling over the puzzles of picture placement, and solving the text- roll fiascos. Roman numerals are a girl’s best friend in two-volume books, and to proofread a book it takes a village, of which you have been our presiding mayor.

All our best,

Your Orange Frazer Family

P.S. Needless to say, we are hiring.