Six Things to Consider Prior to Doing a Custom Book

Prior to giving us a call about making a custom book for you, consider answering these six questions before you pick up the phone. 1) Do you want your book to be hardcover or soft cover?

We can make either choice look classy and elegant. The differences are in the price and the production time as hardcover will be slightly more expensive and will take a bit longer to manufacture due to the binding process.

2) Color or black and white?

When deciding on whether you want your book to be in color or black and white, here are some points to consider: If the photos are the main focus of your book, you may want to choose color. If the photos are ancillary and the text tells the story, you probably want to opt for black and white.

3) What size?

We can make a book any size but the most economical sizes are 5 ½ x 8 ½ , 6 x 9, 7 x 10, 8 ½ x 11 and 9 x 12. If your book has lot of color photographs you may want to opt for the larger size.

4) Page count?

In order for us to determine the page count of your book, first we need to know the dimensions of the book (Height x Width) and then we need to know the total word count of your manuscript. To find out the word count, open your manuscript in Word, click on Tools, then click on word count. If your book is in chapters, you must do this for each chapter and then come up with a total. Once you have the total, we will figure out the page count for you.

5) Who designs the book?

Orange Frazer Press books are designed, well, by Orange Frazer. Individuals, large corporations, foundations, etc. come to us for this expertise. It is what makes us special and sets us apart from the rest of the pack. Exceptions occur when a project has its own highly experienced designer.

6) How many?

We can print any quantity. In order to get a price quote for you, we do ask that you provide us with three different quantities so that we can show you where the price breaks are. Although we offer warehousing for a small biannual fee, we think you should imagine what boxes of your books would look like sitting in your living room. That usually tempers the tendency to think “too big.”

Once you have answered these questions, we can work on getting a quote for you and move forward to creating your very own Orange Frazer Custom book.