Publishing Books Close to Home: Celebrating our Ohio Authors

Orange Frazer Press has been publishing books independently for over twenty-six years. In that time we’ve worked with gardeners, grandparents, pilots, travelers, illustrators, archaeologists, professors, anthropologists, lawyers, painters, photographers, CEOs and many more. Our authors have shared lifetimes of experiences we may never have encountered otherwise, educating and entertaining readers with their stories. We love to celebrate the incredible work of our custom-published authors, real people with storytelling gifts. We have been even luckier to call many of them “neighbors.” And we’d like to take some time to showcase our Ohio authors, their books, and their experiences with OFP:

Jan Thrope, Cleveland: Jan Thrope is the author of InnerVisions: Grassroots Stories of Truth and Hope, an award-winning collection of stories, photographs, and personal experiences that document the struggles, and conversely, the reasons for hope in inner-city Cleveland.

Jan Thrope, Orange Frazer Press, Orange Frazer Press Custom Publishing

“I will forever be grateful to you for helping me bring my photos and words together so that my story could be ‘beautifully told.’ You live up to your mission!”—Jan Thrope, InnerVisions: Grassroots Stories of Truth and Hope

Janet Shailer, Grove City: Janet Shailer is the author of The Austerlitz Bugle-Telegraph: A King, a Goddess, and a Chronicle of Deception, an intriguing tale of local scandals, family secrets, and the “biggest theft [this] sleepy Appalachian town has ever seen.”

Janet Shailer with her book, The Austerlitz Bugle-Telegraph

"The staff at Orange Frazer Press is terrific. They are creative, cooperative and thorough. I hope to work with them again.”—Janet Shailer, The Austerlitz Bugle-Telegraph: A King, a Goddess, and a Chronicle of Deception

Verne Haugen, Washington Court House: Verne Haugen is the author of Count Me In, a memoir crafted with love and passion for a lifetime of deeply caring relationships and hard work.

Verne Haugen's book, Count Me In

“I am very fortunate to have met the entire staff and enjoyed their company many times over. John Baskin and I have had many interesting conversations, and Marcy is a wonderful woman to say the least. Sarah speaks volumes of energy and enthusiasm.”—Verne Haugen, Count Me In

John Fulker, Troy: John Fulker is the author of Cash, Cars, & Kisses, a collection of real-life cases from Miami County. The stories will shock and entertain even the most skeptical reader.

John Fulker's book, Cash, Cars, & Kisses

“As the author of five books over the course of some thirty years, and having thereby acquired at least a moderate acquaintance with the process by which my own naked manuscripts have morphed into attractively designed, professionally edited, illustrated and published books, I take great pleasure in assuring other writers of the considerable merits of Orange Frazer Press—and its tremendously helpful and congenial staff. Orange Frazer has been good enough to re-publish the first of my books and has capably handled the entire process involved in the publication, distribution and marketing of my last three. Best of all, they've done more than I could ask of them attentively and with amazing alacrity. They have, in fact, made the publication process into a fun event.”—John Fulker, Cash, Cars, & and Kisses

David and Barbara Day, Cincinnati: David and Barbara Day are celebrated Cincinnati artists and have collected their hand drawn images of Cincinnati into a beautiful coffee-table book, Vanishing Cincinnati.

David and Barbara Day's book, Vanishing Cincinnati

“We have followed their work for nearly twenty years and have seen the amazing track record they have created, making it easy to want their professional assistance when it came time to publish a book of our drawings. Orange Frazer set thoughtful guidelines and industry standards, then stepped back to gave us the freedom to create the high quality art book we had originally envisioned. We could not have done this without their expert guidance. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”—David and Barbara Day, Vanishing Cincinnati 

Nadine Huffman, Cincinnati: Nadine Huffman and Marilyn Lebhar are the authors of A Cincinnati Night Before Christmas, an endearing Cincinnati rendition of the beloved Christmas tale, and a regional bestseller.

Nadine and Marilyn with publisher Marcy Hawley (middle).

“Our experience with OFP has been, in a word, superb. The wonderful folks at OFP made the book of our dreams come to life through their design talents. They also gave us the knowledge, encouragement, and insight we needed to make our project successful. They always met deadlines, and sweated every detail. They were patient when we asked ignorant questions, and understanding when we had to push back our initial timeline. Most importantly, they are people of honesty and integrity, which shines through everything they do. The fact that they’re genuinely likeable, bright, and enjoyable to work with is a delightful bonus. We’ve been blessed to work with them.”—Nadine Huffman, A Cincinnati Night Before Christmas

To learn more about publishing with Orange Frazer, shoot me (Kelsey) an email at [email protected]!