Meet Alyson

Last month, we welcomed a new designer to our creative team. Meet Alyson Rua, an avid reader, storied dancer, and qualified snowfall expert. Alyson

We have had some time to get to know Alyson over the last month, and we are so excited we found her. Following are some of the great things we’ve learned about Alyson (and the picture evidence you’re all waiting for).

1. Alyson danced tap, ballet, jazz, hip hop, and more for fifteen years. We are pleased to add dance to our existing Orange Frazer athletic talents: basketball, softball, swimming, volleyball, bowling, and track.

Alyson tutu

2. Alyson has a four-year-old Russian Blue cat named after the “Loup-Gurou” werewolf of Cajun folklore, depicted by artist George Rodrigue as the “Blue Dog.” (Related Orange Frazer fact: John Baskin’s black cat is named Coco, not in reference to Chanel, but in reference to the Portuguese word for “poop,” because she pooped in a potted plant at Orange Frazer upon arrival.)

Alyson cat

3. Alyson has a grandfather who was the President of Kiwanis International from 1976 to 1977 and met the Emperor of Japan, President Carter, and Shirley Temple.

Alyson grandfather

4. Alyson grew up in Chardon, a town with an average annual snowfall of 107 inches a year, making it the snowiest city in Ohio.

Alyson snow

Welcome, Alyson!