Author Turns to Indiegogo: Buy a Book. Save a Cat.

Last August, I had the opportunity to lead a book publishing workshop with Women Writing for a Change. WWf(a)C is a wonderful organization that provides writing workshops, community, and support to women writers. The publishing workshop was a blast, and I met some incredible people along the way--a group of aspiring authors with a variety of projects and ideas. One attendee of this workshop, Kristen Heimerl, has gone above and beyond in her publishing dream. She wrote a book inspired by her three Norwegian forest cats, crafting a fun, crime-fighting story with illustrations by Irene Bofill Garcia. She is using the book to raise money for homeless and in-need cats and has brought together a community of animal lovers and book lovers to back her cause. She is currently running a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo: Buy a Book. Save a Cat.

Check out Kristen's project here and consider contributing to her cause! It's inspiring to see book lovers and aspiring authors like Kristen create fun and passionate communities, and to see books being used creatively as vehicles of story and goodwill.

And watch her video, below, to learn more about the inspiration behind the project!