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“I’ve read my share of books on Ohio State football and this one is the best I’ve ever read. The author takes you from the ‘Super Sophs’ being recruited through their time as Buckeyes and gives a glimpse at them later in life. The star of this story is without question Woody Hayes. You get a very good look at his on-and-off-the-field persona. Love this book, couldn’t put it down.”

“For any and all Buckeye fans, this is a must-read. The author reveals many detailed stories about the players, their families, and what they are doing now. Most entertaining is how Hyde provides insight into the numerous sides of dear old Woody. His stories will emit the full range of emotions and leave you with a better understanding of what makes this controversial coach so well, controversial!”


by David hyde

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary, 
Available September 3rd in Soft Cover

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  • 320 pages
  • 7 x 10
  • New Preface by David Hyde

1968 begins in the mens' room of an exclusive Columbus restaurant and ends two years later in The Rose Bowl, an unwitting but flawless metaphor for Ohio State University's rise to the pinnacle of college football. Against a backdrop of national turmoil and international crises, Coach Wayne Woodrow Hayes uncharacteristically brings into his lagging program new young coaches and an impressive bunch of extraordinary kids, including the first significant number of African-Americans. And just as Woody predicted, by the season's end the Buckeyes found themselves a large, inextricably bound family, tied forever by the commonalities of blood—literally theirs—sweat, tears, laughter, and, of course, their near-miraculous season.

“Mr. Hyde, I wanted you to know how much John and I enjoyed your book. A number of writer/reporters call to interview John and later share their work, but yours is by far the most literate, interesting, fair, and according to John, accurate presentation of that era that we have read. You are a gifted writer and it’s nice to see that class of sophomores—and Coach Hayes—get the first class treatment they deserve. It’s a project John is proud to have been a part of. We plan to buy copies for some of the more rabid Buckeyes we know. Congratulations on a job unusually well done.”
— Diane Brockington, wife of NFL player John Brockington
“I couldn’t put it down. There were many things in there that I did not know about my teammates. I found it to be very well written and much more from the human interest side than the sports side. All in all I enjoyed it immensely.”
— Ron Maciejowski, OSU quarterback