The Color of Victory: The Extraordinary Story of How Elder Won State


The Color of Victory: The Extraordinary Story of How Elder Won State

  • 192 Pages
  • 9 x 12
  • Softcover
  • ISBN 1-882203-27-5
  • Copyright 2003

By Bill Koch

In the annals of Ohio prep sports, the Elder High Panthers had won almost everything there was to win—21 state titles. But in all the colorful West Side history, there was one state title that proved ever elusive: football. Bill Koch's graceful, clear-eyed narrative takes the reader through a near-miraculous season in which Elder seeks to bury it oldest jinx. Beginning in the sweltering heat of August—three All-Staters gone and most of the defense, the lingering after-effects of a painful loss to an old rival, and the making of a quarterback controversy—the season unsteadily launched itself. Two games out, when one of the best quarterbacks in the nation shredded the young Elder defense, the jinx seemed firmly in place. Then: a win in Cleveland over powerful St. Ignatius, followed the next week by another one over perennial nemesis, St. X. Five games into the playoffs, Elder entered the championship game with a national ranking but playing its most formidable foe 300 miles from home on a snowswept Canton field with a windchill of 14 degrees. The star running back had an ankle sprain, the top receiver a sore knee, and the quarterback a bad shoulder. The Color of Victory is an engrossing story of an extraordinary season played by a team of young men seeking to bury history—and to make it.

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