Don't Let Them See You Cry: Overcoming a Nazi Childhood

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Don't Let Them See You Cry: Overcoming a Nazi Childhood

  • 192 Pages
  • 6 x 9
  • Softcover
  • ISBN 9781933197470
  • Copyright 2008

By Irmgard Powell

She was the daughter of a prominent Nazi—the Third Reich's minister of health who was also an SS lieutenant general—and yet she never heard any outward expressions of her parents' virulently anti-Semitic beliefs.
She grew up dependent on her father's consistent warmth and attention, the man she would cherish above all others, "the sun in my life." She grew up protected, her country's darkest, most obscene moments hidden behind a veil of normalcy. A schoolgirl at the end of World War II when Berlin was virtually leveled by the Russian Army's onslaught, she fled the city on one of the last trains out only to suffer a terrible injury in Munich, facing near-starvation in the war's aftermath.
And through her own quest for a normal life, in which she would create herself anew in a new country, she found that she must both face—and lay to rest—an awful secret that followed her into her adult life. Her memoir is the unusual story of a woman both regaining her own history and at once coming to terms with it.

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