Designing Your Life: The Intentional Entrepreneur


Designing Your Life: The Intentional Entrepreneur

  • 266 pages

  • 6 x 9

  • Softcover

  • ISBN 978-1939710-871

  • Copyright 2018

By Donald C. Harrison, MD

This story is about a new philosophy for life, defined as entrepreneurship as a way of making decisions about life’s choices and careers. This is broadly defined as meaningfully searching for, and selecting, the best opportunities for success in many of life’s activities while minimizing the risk of the decisions. From growing up in rural Alabama to successful careers as a cardiologist, research scientist, investor, husband, father, and activities in many not-for-profit ventures, the author engaged in this entrepreneurial approach. It should be emphasized that this approach is not limited to finances, capitalism, or business activities but applies to all decisions an individual makes in his or her everyday life. The narrative weaves through his four careers and highlights how choices were made and outlines the outcomes of those choices. It is a story of the many opportunities that became available to him because he was willing to explore life extensively and to make choices. This book provides a view of many of the choices he made over the past 84 years of his life.

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