Demystifying ObamaCare: How to Achieve Healthcare Reform


Demystifying ObamaCare: How to Achieve Healthcare Reform

  • 204 pages
  • 7 x 10
  • Hardcover
  • ISBN 978-1939710-642
  • Copyright 2017

By David G. Brown, MD

The battle over ObamaCare (repeal and replacement) is now underway and it threatens to pit American against American. But what are the facts about ObamaCare? How is it constructed? What are its effects? The story of ObamaCare has yet to be told. 

What does ObamaCare do, what does it not do, and what does it purport to do? What are the factors that increase the cost of care? Does ObamaCare increase or decrease these? Does ObamaCare actually increase access to care and possibly reduce quality of care? What of ObamaCare exchanges and Medicaid expansion? What is the quality of U.S. healthcare and how does it compare to single payer systems? 

If we are to reform healthcare (decrease costs,  increase access, preserve quality) what can we learn from ObamaCare? And if you are to make changes in healthcare how do you prevent 20 million people from losing their coverage?

The story of ObamaCare is not simply about the government, health insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, nurses, and doctors. It is about the American people. Healthcare is about the patient and about the freedom of the American people. 


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