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Harriett's Homecoming: The Scavenger Hunt Begins!

  Harriett’s Homecoming: A High-Flying Tour of Cincinnati is taking flight and will be arriving in stores in the greater Cincinnati area this week!

To celebrate the release of our newest children’s book, Harriett’s Homecoming: A High-Flying Tour of Cincinnati, Orange Frazer is hosting a citywide scavenger hunt tracing the path of Harriett’s journey! If you and your child visit 5 of the 20 locations mentioned in the book, and take a photo of your child holding the book at each and send them in to us, we will enter you in a drawing for the VIP Grand Prize! The winning family will get a free, signed copy of the book, a stuffed peregrine falcon toy, and a chance to visit the real Harriett Falcon at Raptor, Inc.

For details, rules, and suggested activities, visit our website page dedicated to the Harriett Scavenger Hunt! We cannot wait to see where you find yourself, and we hope that you have just as much fun exploring the Queen City as Harriett did.

Where can you get a copy of Harriett's Homecoming?

Participating Locations:

Joseph-Beth Booksellers in Cincinnati

Barnes & Noble (all Cincinnati locations)

Wild About Birds

Cincinnati Public Library

Cincinnati Museum Center

Email [email protected] with any questions about the scavenger hunt, locations, rules or activities!