DAYTON AIR SHOW: A Photographic Celebration

DAYTON AIR SHOW: A Photographic Celebration
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    THE DAYTON AIR SHOW: A Photographic Celebration

    Text by: Timothy R. Gaffney
    Photographs by: Ty Greenlees

    General Information:

    The Dayton Air Show isn't simply entertainment. It's a celebration of the region's aviation heritage and the aerospace work that goes on today.

    This new keepsake edition book will enable fans to revisit more than 20 years of Ohio's biggest annual aviation event.

    A full-color collection of more than 200 photographs, The Dayton Air Show: A Photographic Celebration gives an eagle-eye look at the men and women who have made aviation what it is today.

    Photographer Ty Greenlees' stunning photos capture all the up-close action including air show superstars like aerobatic pilot Sean D. Tucker in his famous Oracle Challenger II biplane.

    Along with great pictures, aviation journalist Tim Gaffney gives you the behind-the-scenes scoop as he traces Dayton air show heritage from modern times to the past.

    Take off with the magic of America's greatest air show in this one-of-a-kind book. You won't believe your eyes.

    Read About:

    • All-but-forgotten National Aircraft Shows of the 1950s
    • Military festivals predating WWII
    • The Wright Company's exhibition team in 1910


    • USAF Thunderbirds
    • U.S. Navy Blue Angels
    • Rare warbirds
    • Military jets
    • Civilian performers
    • Air racers
    • Rotary-wing craft
    • Parachutists

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    160 Pages
    11 x 8.5
    ISBN 978-1933197-456